coffret DIY latte art

A Do It Yourself gift set to learn at home how to make latte art. 


This box contains :

- 1 Box of Micro Climat coffee beans or ground

- 1 French Press 3 cups - Lacor

- 1 Silver metal measuring spoon 12g - Hario

- 1 Red milk jug 350ml - Joe Frex

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Make your own latte art

Fill your French press with semi-skimmed or vegetable milk and heat it up.

Once the milk is hot but not boiling, froth it by pressing the plunger of the French press up and down.

Pour it into the milk jug

After making the espresso, use your pitcher to make your latte art.

Make your own topping

Repeat steps 1 and 2 of the latte art.

Make your espresso and add the milk.

Add chocolate or caramel syrup on top of the milk foam and use a pen to make your designs.