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Fresh, lively and light-bodied, Araku’s Early Harvest coffee is made with the season’s first coffee cherries. With its berry, citrus and herbaceous notes, this coffee is for connoisseurs who like a light-bodied coffee with intense aromas. Coming from selected parcels, Araku’s First Harvest coffee has a nice touch of acidity balanced by a harmonious fruity intensity. Particularly suited to milder brewing methods.

Ingredients and allergens

100% pure Arabica coffee

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  • Intensity
  • Flavor profileRed fruits and lemon
  • ProcessWashed and natural coffee
  • variety100% arabica
I don’t apply chemicals for coffee production and I am organic certified. Being an organic farmer I keep my soil healthy. My plot is an early one: crop begins in November. My coffee is soft, light and vivacious.
Vanthala Gangadhar
Our expert's advice Hippolyte Courty
Early harvest coffees are traditionally known for being fresh, light and flavourful with a vivacious profile which Araku Early Harvest skilfully brings to life.
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