grande reserve gamme

Araku Grande Reserve represents the perfect balance between fullness and intensity. It exhibits complex notes of berry and citrus, spices, caramel, vanilla and leather. A truly magnificent coffee.
Coming from the finest parcels, Grande Reserve is medium-roasted, making it suitable for any brewing method.

Ingredients and allergens

100% pure Arabica coffee

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  • Intensity
  • Flavor profileRed fruits and spices
  • ProcessWashed and natural coffee
  • variety100% Arabica
I'm very proud my coffee was chosen for Grande Réserve. I'm taking care of my plot and my coffee with a lot of involvement. On top of that, bio-dynamic culture enables my coffee to be very healthy, aromatic, while respecting the environment.
Gullela Thirupathi
Our expert's advice Hippolyte Courty
In a perfectly balanced cup, the densest, most complex of coffees harmoniously burst forth in a milky, fruity, green fusion that will thrill any coffee lover.