micro climat gamme

Coming from one specific village located in the Araku valley, MicroClimate is full-bodied with bold notes verging on fruity, almost caramelised, with a touch of bitterness. A characteristically rich, smooth coffee.
MicroClimate was created to be prepared with espresso machines or moka pots.

Ingredients and allergens

100% pure Arabica coffee

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  • Intensity
  • Flavor profileCandied fruits
  • ProcessNatural Coffee
  • variety100% Arabica
My plot is located on an island in the Araku valley. The coffee I grow has a unique aroma. Its natural processing enhances this character. I'm very proud, because my coffee got very good grades in our tastings.
Boi Kalyan
Our expert's advice Hippolyte Courty
Unique parcels for coffee with character. Rich and generous MicroClimate is incredibly fruity and provides a robust, creamy and powerfully flavoured cup with a hint of berries.