signature gamme

Araku's Signature coffee symbolises the aromatic balance and fullness of Araku coffees. It has chocolate, spice and herbaceous aromas. It is a coffee that everyone can enjoy, with its exquisite, bold character.
Grown in selected villages, Signature coffee can be prepared in any way. We particularly recommend using it as ground coffee in filters, coffee makers or cafetières.

Ingredients and allergens

100% pure Arabica coffee

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  • Intensity
  • Flavor profileChocolate and spices
  • ProcessWashed
  • variety100% Arabica
Growing under silver oaks shade, in GANJAIGUDA village, my coffee cherries are nice and big, thanks to the altitude, the richness of my plot soil and bio-dynamic culture.
Our coffee gets very good grands in tastings thanks to its nice sweetness.
Boi Simhadri
Our expert's advice Hippolyte Courty
You can tell a cup of Signature from its round flavour and intense character. It has a fruity aroma with a dried fruit and nuts after taste. A robust, balanced cup suitable for any time of day or any occasion.