Smooth milk and dark chocolate coated coffee beans from our Selection coffee, to be enjoy with any of our coffees. 

Produced with organic ingredients.


Ingredients & allergens

Milk chocolate coffee bean: milk couverture chocolate from the Suhum-Kraboa-Coaltar District, Accra* [Ghana] 87% (Cane sugar*, cocoa fat including cocoa butter from cocoa beans*, whole milk powder*, skimmed milk powder* and Swiss cream powder*, cocoa mass*, Madagascar vanilla*. Minimum 40% cocoa content).


Dark chocolate coffee beans: grand cru dark couverture chocolate made with wild Criollo-Amazonico cocoa beans from the Beni region* [Bolivia] 87% (Cocoa beans*, cocoa fat including cocoa butter from cocoa beans*, sugar*. Minimum 68% cocoa content). Shared ingredients: Araku Valley coffee beans [India] 12.8%; gum arabic* (E414) 0.1%; confectioner’s glaze (E904) 0.1%.


* Organic farming product

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 514kcal
Proteins: 6g
Carbohydrates: 41,2g
Lipids: 35,9g
Sodium: 0,01g