The V60 Pour-Over Kit gives you everything you need to make great drip coffee: a plastic dripper, a graduated 4-cup glass pot and its cover, a measuring scoop and 100 filter papers.


The V60 is designed to bring the best flavour from coffee beans. This coffee set is everything a home brewer needs to get started. 


How does it work?

Place the V60 on your server or directly on your cup with the filter paper in. Rinse with hot water to remove any paper taste and to warn the V60.

Discard the rinse water. Add the coffee grounds then slowly pour hot water using a circular motion, avoiding the edges. Stop pouring when scales read 250g.

Preparation tips

The grind: average, the size of powdered sugar.
Quantities: 18g of coffee / 300ml of water. 

Water: non-boiling (94°c), filtered or spring water.