•   A Chemex coffee maker
  •   A Chemex coffee filter
  •   A kettle 
  •   A stopwatch
  •   A grinder
  •   A spatula
  •   A scale


  •   60g of coffee for 1L of water
  •   or 30g for 50cl of water




Step 1 tuto Chemex     

Beforehand, grind 30g of coffee, with a medium grind

1. Heat a little more than 50cl of water until simmering (92°- 94°).


2. Place your filter in the Chemex and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. This procedure removes the taste from the paper so as not to transmit it to the coffee and also serves to reheat your container.

3. Empty the hot water from the Chemex and place the Chemex, filter, coffee set on the scale. Tare (reset the scale).


           Step 2 tuto Chemex


Step 3 tuto Chemex                  

4. Make a 40 second pre-infusion (start the timer), pouring 60g of water. Be careful to wet all the coffee. When & nbsp; bubbles form on the surface of the coffee, it means that your coffee is degassing, a sign of its freshness. With the spatula, touch to fully immerse all the coffee.

5. Gradually pour the rest of the water in a circular manner from the center outwards without touching the edges of the filter, until you reach 500g on the scale, the extraction is done between 3 minutes 30 and 4 minutes.


6. Remove the filter and stir the coffee in the Chemex to homogenize it.

7. Serve and taste. 

NB : If the extraction time is too long, the grind is too fine and vice versa, if it is too short, the grind is too thick.