•   AV60 dripper and a filter
  •   A scale
  •   A kettle,
  •   A stopwatch,
  •   A grider
  •   A spatula


  •   60g of coffee for 1L of water
  •   or 15g for 25cl of water



Step 1 tuto V60     

Start by molding 15g of coffee to obtain fine grind.

1. Heat a little more than 30cl of water until simmering (92°c - 94°c).

2. Place your V60 on a cup or a carafe, insert your filter and rinse it with hot water. This will remove the taste of paper, so that it is not transmetted to the coffee. It will also warms up your container. 


3. Empty the hot water from the cup and put the V60 set (cup + dripper + ground coffee) on the scale. Reset the scale.     


    Step 2 tuto V6


Step 3 tuto V60       

4. Make a pre-infusion of 30 seconds while pouring 30g of water. Make sure to wet all the coffee. If bubbles are visible on the surface of the coffee, it means that your coffee is degassing and it is a sign of its freshness. With the spatula, rotate to submerge all the coffee.

5. Pour the rest of the water gradually from the center outwards, without touching the filter paper until it reaches 250g on the scale. This procedure allows the coffee not to flow directly into the cup until it has sufficiently infused. The extraction should last between 2 minutes 50 to 3 minutes.


6. Remove the dripper, and stir the coffee in the cup to homogenize.

NB: if the extraction takes too long, it means that the grind is too fine, and vice versa if it is too quick it is that the grind is too thick. 

     Step 4 tuto V60