How to cold brew High Altitude Coffee?

To quench your summer thirst during hot days, lets learn how to prepare a cold drink using our High Altitude coffee.


Café Araku Haute Altitude préparé en Cold Brew


Cold Brew is a cold coffee obtained with no heating methods, it is a ground coffee steeped in cold water and strained. This special technique will highlight all the intensity and flavors of coffee. Our High Altitude coffee is a deep, complex coffee with refined texture and flavourful finesse.


Using this technique with a specialty coffee offers deliciously refined taste and distinct spicy notes all highlighted by its light roast. Cold Brew is a process of patience. 5 hours are required to extract coffee with a water dipper.


  •    An extraction coffee machine (we are using Hario)
  •    A coffee server


  •    60g of molded High Altitude coffee for French Press
  •    75cl of filtered water or spring water

Preparation time: 5 hours


Pour your water into the superior part of the water dripper, the molded coffee into the medium part and the water dripper underneath. Adjust the flow rate of the dripper to have a drop every seconds. Wait until the coffee server is full wich will approximately take 5 hours.



The result will be very concentrated in cafeine. To dilute at the rate of 1/3 of Cold Brew and 2/3 of water. To soften the tast of Cold Brew, wet the coffee before starting the extraction.

Tasse de café cold brew - Araku Haute Altitude