The MoccaMaster is a revolutionary filter coffee maker. It has a self-mixing lid that allows homogenous distribution of water, and thus improve the extraction of the coffee. The result is a sweet coffee, without bitterness and ready in 6 minutes! Thanks to the heating plate located underneath the coffee server, the coffee is kept at ideal temperature for 40 minutes.


The coffee maker must be used with ground coffee and paper filters, which are supplied in the box.


Also available in yellow, green, metallic red, black, and brushed metal


Key features

1. Optimal extraction

The secret of the MoccaMaster lies in its heating element, which is made of copper, and makes it possible to heat the water at the right temperature quickly, while keeping it at constant temperature throughout the extraction.


2. Two buttons to program everything

The first one allows you to simply turn on and off the machine, the second to keep the coffee at ideal temperature for 40 minutes.

Product details

Warranty : 5 years
Coffee used : Ground coffee
Water tank capacity : 1,25 L
Wattage : 1520W
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 36 x 33 x 17 cm
Weight : 3 kg
Accessories included : glass carafe, filter-holder, 100 paper filters