Zero waste coffee for businesses

le cercle cafe


Araku Coffee and Le Cercle Café launched their new coffee solution for business professionals in early January.


The Circle is above all a company delivering meal trays to offices, very committed in terms of environmental and social responsibility ... Araku coffee is a coffee from the Araku valley in India, cultivated in biodynamics, by hand, and in direct circuit. This economic model allows farmers to touch 2.5 times the world price of coffee.

What do these 2 companies have in common? Committed companies with strong values ​​of environmental and social responsibilities.


The purpose of this collaboration? Offer businesses a friendly, pleasant café space, by installing a piece of furniture in your home incorporating a fully automatic machine that freshly grinds coffee every day, all without obligation. The goal is also to offer them a coffee break without waste: no capsules, no plastic cups, with the recovery and reuse of coffee grounds! This project has already attracted a dozen companies, who trusted us and have implemented this solution in their business. Let's reduce the ecological impact together and find the real taste of coffee!


If you are a professional, looking for a company coffee machine provider, with a CSR commitment, do not hesitate to contact us!