Coffeeology from A to Z


Freely inspired by oenology, caféology is defined as the science of coffee. Behind this somewhat barbaric definition hides an experience of the senses appreciated by lovers of high-end coffee. Want to convert? We tell you everything on the subject!



Almost everywhere in the world, and especially in Paris, real coffee lovers are trying to understand the mysteries of this drink and share their discoveries and their love. This is how the term coffeeology first appeared. Invented in 2001 by Gloria Montenegro, a recognized coffee addict, this neologism is then defined as being a visual, olfactory and gustatory tasting of high-end coffees from selected regions. It is also under the leadership of the French that greater interest will be given to coffee beans, to the preparation of coffee and to the various trades related to this beverage. But against all odds, it is beyond our borders that the concept of coffee will find the greatest resonance. From the United States to the Scandinavian countries, the early 2000s saw the appearance of coffee shops offering a real experience around coffee tasting. It was only a few years later that similar shops specializing in roasting appeared in France.


More than anything else, coffee takes time. Forget the pods that offer a uniform taste. First of all, remember that coffee is a pleasure and that this pleasure deserves to devote a few moments to it. Selection of beans, nature of the plot, roasting method, how the beans are ground, temperature of the water used ..., as many criteria that a coffee specialist will take the time to analyze before choosing and preparing his high-end coffee. Then comes the long-awaited moment: the coffee tasting. First visual, this experience will allow you to revel in the aesthetic rendering of the drink and its cream. It will then be olfactory thanks to more than 800 molecules that make up the aromas of coffee. Finally, it will become gustatory when enjoying the taste in the mouth. Coffeeology is therefore not an art that can be improvised. In addition to requiring time, it requires a real passion. To get started, it’s best to start with Araku Coffee.