Araku: tomorrow's model more than ever


The Covid-19 unknown, the temporary closure of our shop, quarantine in France and India, have made people aware of the importance of supporting small businesses, of consuming locally when it is possible and above all responsible. This new way of thinking pushes us, every day, to reinvent ourselves with the unique objective of sharing with you our passion for coffee.

This crisis has reinforced the idea of ​​building a new model of cooperative capitalism in which value is found in people and mutual aid. To collaborate with brands that contribute to the more virtuous, fair, sustainable model.

A new way of thinkingequipe-araku

In the shop, we wanted to open Fridays and Saturdays to keep in touch with you. We have set up new operating methods: no cash payment, wearing a mask, only take away and no more than 2 people in the shop.

On the website we have offered delivery to allow you to receive your coffee. We have also launched a post-containment delivery option for those who preferred it.

On social media, we organized a 11am quiz on Instagram to test your knowledge of coffee, we gave you different ideas for recycling your coffee grounds and we even made a team photo from home: confined but close-knit!

Also, the closure of the store and the change in the consumption mode of French people prompted us to rethink our inventory management. We have teamed up with Too Good To Go to allow you to discover our coffee, not let our coffee trees die and throw nothing away.

We also took part in Sauvons de Commerce, which allows customers to purchase vouchers from their favorite businesses.

Changed customer habits

The health crisis has significantly changed our current and future consumption habits:

  • Organic growth with double-digit sales growth since mid-March
  • The promotion of the short circuit 
  • Local consumption with local shops: 63% of French people prefer to buy products of French or local origin
  • Product traceability
  • Responsible agriculture

The incredible adventure of Araku coffee has been carrying these values ​​for 15 years: a good product, respectful of the environment, respectful of men. Why should we choose between good and organic or fair remuneration for producers? And these are not just words!

Araku is a model of start-ups, one foot in India and one foot in France, small teams (we are 8 in France), enthusiasts, trying every day to reinvent themselves to be at the rendezvous of this that our customers and farmers expect from us, and of course, share our passion for coffee.

And so what?

A complicated and uncertain world tomorrow. A virus that showed us that "nothing is ever acquired, that the essence of life is to constantly adapt to an unknown future.

This crisis has reinforced the idea of ​​building a new model of cooperative capitalism in which value is found in people and mutual aid.

  • We believe it is essential to support passionate and committed players, while respecting the environment, people and nature.
  • Keep our values ​​of transparency, ethics, a true sustainable and fair partnership with producers
  • Project that contributes to a more virtuous, equitable, sustainable model


It has shown us that mutual aid, humility, cohesion and a return to basics are the pillars for the world of tomorrow. Despite the distance we remained united. Thank you for your trust and your loyalty despite the context, thank you for your orders and your daily support messages!