A unique capitalism


We have often talked about capitalism 3.0 in the team, or in other words, fairer capitalism for all the links in the chain. In other words: the goal of the Araku adventure is to create value, yes, to earn a little money, distributed among all the links in the chain, and in priority to the farmers.

Life in the valley has radically changed over the past 20 years. Farmers now make a living from coffee growing: they made 2.5 times the price of the coffee stock market, last year. They can now afford to buy a tractor or send their children to study outside the valley. Whereas 20 years ago all the young people left the valley, today they come back to be teachers, nurses or even work on the exploitation of coffee with their parents. 2 hospitals have been built, schools, high schools. For the moment, the Naandi foundation at the origin of the project has invested, but for this model to be sustainable, it must be financed, so that we can reinvest the profits that we will make tomorrow.

Our challenge in France is therefore to create a profitable business, which pays farmers at the right price, which pays teams in France. When our activity will be profitable the idea is that the profits go back to the valley.