A human chain and a unique social model

A single team making singular coffee

There is only one team at Araku. It includes the farmers who painstakingly grow and harvest the coffee, the experts who roast and package the coffee, and the people who market it. To ensure top-quality coffee from start to finish, every step of the coffee-making process is part of the same scrupulous, exacting and advanced production line. Araku is currently one of the only bean-to-cup coffees available.


Boi Simhadhri

Farmers of the SAMTFMACS cooperative

Boi Simhadhri, a farmer in Araku Valley's Ganjaiguda Cooperative, says 'selling my coffee to SAMTFMACS (Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually-Aided Cooperative Society) means less work for more money. It's a win-win situation'.



Farmers controlling their own destiny

Araku was conceived and created by local farmers. They all own their parcels and are independent producers. In 1999, they decided to form a cooperative to replant coffee crops, which had grown there when they were young but had since disappeared.

Araku Valley farmers


Araku is now a fair trade company with over 10,000 entrepreneur farmers in 520 villages thanks to the involvement of Manoj Kumar from the Naandi Foundation.

All of the farmers own their land, their production tools and the 2 million coffee plants which offsets carbon emissions, and they receive financial support from the Livelihoods Fund.


In Araku, coffee is passion

A desire to share their passion

In the coffee industry, the opinions of farmers and customers – the first and last links in the chain – are not ordinarily heard. It is quite the opposite at Araku, where they are the main focus of the process


The Araku brand knows that top-quality coffee begins with the grower and that the customer is the one who discovers, enjoys, and is the judge of this quality. It wants to share all its knowledge, passion, and know-how with coffee lovers. You can see this open-minded approach, from the experience Araku wants to share with its customers in its brick-and-mortar store in Paris and the online shop.