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The Alterosac reusable fabric coffee filter is an ingenious alternative to paper filters for all filter coffee makers.

Made from organic linen grown in France and woven in Belgium, this reusable fabric coffee filter offers a clever alternative to paper filters. Its special material allows perfect coffee brewing, while preventing the formation of unwanted deposits.

Advantages of reusable coffee filters

Beyond the ecological and economic advantage, reusable coffee filters have several advantages compared to disposable paper coffee filters:

Retaining Oils and Flavors: Reusable coffee filters allow the natural oils and flavors of coffee to pass through, which can improve the flavor and body of the drink. Unlike disposable paper coffee filters, they do not absorb essential oils from coffee.

Versatility: Reusable coffee filters are generally compatible with different coffee preparation methods, such as drippers, French presses, manual espresso machines, etc.

Consistency: Reusable coffee filters help reproduce a more consistent extraction of coffee because they provide a smoother flow of water compared to paper coffee filters.

Filtres à café réutilisables Alterosac : avantages


The organic linen coffee filter should be rinsed with water after use and can occasionally be washed in the washing machine.

Its lifespan is approximately one year with daily use.

The Alterosac fabric coffee filter is made from organic linen, grown in France and woven in Belgium.