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organic specialty coffeeMicro-Lot 12.23 Coffee Beans - 200G Bag

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Limited edition of a microlot from the 2023 harvest. A specialty coffee with exceptional aromatic qualities from the plots of a single village.


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Microlot 12.23 is an exceptional specialty coffee whose aromas reflect the richness of the soil on which it grew. It develops notes of hazelnuts, red fruits, dark chocolate and dried fruits. This coffee, harvested entirely by hand by 31 families in the plots of the village of Kanjarithota, benefited from uniform natural drying for 16 days. Limited in quantity but not in quality, our microlot achieved a tasting score of 88.5, making it one of the best specialty coffees ever offered by Araku Coffee.
Famille productrice de café de spécialité Microlot 12.23 dans la vallée d'Araku

KORRA NAGESHWAR RAO, Kanjarithota village

Korra Nageshwar Rao and Chandramma are the custodians of a carefully tended one-hectare coffee plot at Kanjarithota in the Araku Highlands. Over the years, this farming family has seen a visible transformation in their farm. The once gray floors have undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, transforming into a dark brown color. Soil experts agree that this soil transformation is evidence of an increase in organic matter, an improvement in water retention capacity and an increase in humus levels.

Un microlot de café de spécialité est un café qui présente des caractéristiques uniques et hors du commun pour un café bio

What is a specialty coffee microlot?

The Araku valley is organized around a cooperative bringing together thousands of farmers. Each farming family has one or more plots on which their coffee trees grow. During the harvest, all the coffee plots (or lots) are tasted separately by a group of experts. In order to classify and assemble the different batches. Plots with similar characteristics are grouped into terroirs. And the best lots, those with unique and exceptional characteristics are distinguished as Microlot.


Microlots allow you to explore in more depth the famous terroirs of the Araku highlands. Our specialty coffees come from selected farms and plots of land that are similar in elevation, soil structure and shade. The result ? Completely unique flavors with high SCA ratings awarded by an international jury of experts. These microlots are perfect examples of how Araku is shaping the new world of coffee.

Our 12.23 microlot is limited to 400 200g bags of specialty coffee beans.

The notion of specialty coffee corresponds to a quality certification awarded to the best Arabica coffees in the world and awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association. To be identified as such, the coffees are tasted and rated by “cuppers” (certified SCA experts). If the total score is greater than 80/100 then the coffee can claim the name of specialty coffee. All Araku coffees are specialty coffees and all have at least a tasting score above 86.