Acaia Black Pearl : balance de précision pour café
Balance électrique Acaia Black Pearl : café de spécialité
Electric coffee scale

AcaiaACAIA Pearl
Precision coffee scale - black

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The Pearl electronic coffee scale, a professional precision tool to enhance your best Araku specialty coffees.

Popular with baristas, the Acaia Black Pearl coffee scale offers precise control of weight, time and flow during your extractions. With accuracy to within a tenth of a gram and a responsiveness of 20 microseconds, you can count on this coffee scale for precise and reliable measurements. In addition, its battery offers up to 30 hours of autonomy, eliminating any worry during extraction. That's not all, the Pearl scale is also connected! Thanks to the Acaïa application (available in English), you can create and save personalized extraction profiles for your different preparation methods, whether Chemex, aeropress, French press, V60, espresso and many more. So you can reproduce your favorite coffees with ease and precision. The real-time flow indicator allows you to visualize the flow speed of your coffee during extraction, while suggesting thresholds to achieve an ideal flow rate.

What are the advantages of using a precision scale to prepare your coffee?

For coffee made with a V60 coffee maker, it is recommended to use a medium to fine grind. The grind should be fine enough to allow optimal extraction of the flavors and aromas of the specialty coffee, but not so fine as to cause the filter to clog and the flow to be too slow. The ideal grind for a V60 coffee maker is between the texture of granulated sugar and that of table salt. When brewing your coffee using gentle extraction, adjust the grind based on the time the water flows through the ground coffee. If the water flows too quickly, the grind will be too coarse and the coffee may lack flavor. If the water flows too slowly, the grind is too fine and the coffee may become bitter.

Timemore Black Mirror : balance de précision café de spécialité


The Acaia Black Pearl coffee scale is an ideal choice for preparing specialty coffee, thanks to its exceptional accuracy of 0.1g.

It is recommended to use the Acaia Black Pearl coffee scale for all coffee preparation methods. It allows precise measurement of the quantities of coffee and water, thus ensuring consistency in the results obtained. Additionally, a scale makes it easy to adjust coffee-water proportions according to the specific recommendations of each method, ensuring optimal taste with each brew.

Check that the coffee scale has a weighing capacity suitable for your needs, usually between 0.1 grams and 1 gram accuracy. Look for a scale equipped with a tare function to exclude the weight of the container used. Opt for a coffee scale with clear readability, a backlit display and responsive buttons. Also consider additional features like unit conversion and a built-in timer.