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Araku Coffee : café de spécialité 100% Arabica

The best specialty coffees in the world

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. However, not all coffee is created equal. If you're a fan of premium coffee, you've probably heard of "specialty coffee." Specialty coffees are grown in optimal conditions, harvested by hand and roasted with care to reveal their unique flavor.

What is specialty coffee ?

Specialty coffee ratings are determined by trained professionals, called “cuppers” or “coffee tasters.” These scores are then used to rank specialty coffees based on their quality and distinctiveness. Specialty coffee ratings are therefore the result of a rigorous evaluation process carried out by qualified professionals.

These experts are trained to evaluate luxury coffees in an impartial and systematic manner, using a standardized method called "cupping". During a cupping session, cuppers analyze the aroma, taste, acidity, body and aftertaste of each premium coffee. They then assign a rating to each attribute, as well as an overall rating for the coffee as a whole.

Yes, all our coffees have a score above 80/100, the lowest score is 86 and the highest is 88.

specialty coffee
harvested by hand
fair trade
certified organic
Abonnement café de spécialité Indien en grains ou moulu - Araku Coffee

Ne Tombez Plus Jamais En Panne De Café !

Abonnez-vous pour recevoir chaque mois à la date de votre première commande votre café de spécialité Araku préféré, sans même lever le petit doigt. Le paiement est 100% sécurisé et
l’abonnement est sans engagement. C’est vous qui décidez : vous pouvez modifier quand vous le souhaitez la fréquence, la quantité, le terroir et le type de café de spécialité.

Our organic coffee ranges

Exceptional coffees

ARAKU exceptional coffees embody excellence, they are distinguished by incomparable quality and remarkable sensory characteristics.

Specialty coffees

Specialty coffees typically score above 80 out of 100, and ARAKU coffee regularly scores above 90

Pure Arabica coffees

ARAKU specialty coffees are made exclusively from beans of the Arabica variety, recognized as the most popular and appreciated worldwide.

Fair Trade Coffees

ARAKU specialty coffees are fair trade and follow ethical trading standards that ensure fair and dignified working conditions for producers.

Indian Cafes

ARAKU Indian coffees come from a valley in India. India boasts a thriving specialty coffee culture that makes it one of the best in the world.

Grand Cru Coffees

Grand Cru coffees are exceptional coffees. They are carefully selected from specific regions, renowned for their specialty coffee culture.

Organic Coffees

Organic coffees are grown using agricultural practices that preserve the environment and exclude the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Araku specialty coffee is a pure Arabica combining sweetness, balance and fruity notes. 6 different terroirs exist in the Araku valley : they vary according to altitude, shade, sunshine and the nature of the soil. Each of the 6 premium Araku coffees is roasted in a specific way to highlight the richness of its aromas. Recognized by the greatest specialty coffee experts, Araku luxury coffee comes from our own coffee crops located on the “Eastern Ghats”, high plateaus over 1000 meters above sea level which overlook the Bay of Bengal in India.

A “single origin” specialty coffee, exclusively grown in the Araku Valley in India.

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