Café indien 100% arabica Micro Climat

Notes of almost candied red fruits with a hint of bitterness

Micro Climate specialty coffee stands out from other Indian coffees, with its generous body and its gourmet notes reminiscent of almost candied red fruits, accompanied by a slight hint of bitterness. With an all-natural cherry processing process and medium-intensity roasting, this generous and characterful 100% Arabica coffee is particularly suitable for French presses, cold brew and dairy drinks.

Café 100% arabica : café biologique et équitable

THULAMMA LIMKIYA, Baankubedda Island

"At the beginning, I did not imagine that organic farming could have such an impact on the health of my crops and my plot. But today, I am proud to see that I manage to obtain the best possible yields while getting very good prices for my coffee cherries."

She not only grows specialty coffee on her plot, but also millet, pepper, vegetables, rice, turmeric and ginger, allowing her to support herself independently. The profits from her coffee harvest allowed her to build her own house and buy gold jewelry.

Recommended brew methods

Italian moka

Filter coffee maker

Gentle Methods

French Press


No, Signature organic coffee is not a blend, it comes from a terroir bringing together several plots with geographical, geological and biological similarities.

Yes, Signature is a 100% Arabica coffee, from biodynamic agriculture and certified specialty coffee thanks to its tasting score of 86 awarded by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association).

Signature coffee is available in bean and ground versions, in 200g tin and in 200g and 1kg pouches. We have also developed a range of Nespresso compatible capsules in boxes of 10, 100 or sold individually.

specialty coffee
harvested by hand
fair trade
certified organic
Les cafés de spécialité araku sont issus de terroirs minutieusement sélectionnés au coeur de la vallée d'Araku en Inde.

Our 6 Biodynamic Coffee Terroirs

Our specialty coffees are classified by terroir. Each plot is listed, measured, analyzed according to 11 criteria (sunshine, forest shade, nature of the soil, exposure, altitude, etc.) and of course tasted. This is how our six exceptional coffees were born. Each terroir is then associated with its own roasting in order to reveal all their complexity.