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Arakunomics : production de café arabica indien

New to Araku Coffee?

Discovering specialty coffee is a journey. Araku is an exceptional “single origin” coffee which takes its name from a nature reserve located in India, on the high plateaus of the Eastern Ghats which dominate the Bay of Bengal. Its unique aromatic profile combines sweetness, balance and fruity notes, making it an exceptional pure Arabica coffee. It is recognized as such by the greatest experts in organic specialty coffee.

coffee shop de café de spécialité Araku en inde et à Paris

Our Coffee Shops

In Paris, Bombay or Bangalore, find the best of our organic specialty coffees and more in our coffee shops. Espresso, gentle coffee, latte, chai but also responsible catering, events and love of design, everything is designed to immerse you in the heart of our project and the Araku valley. Our baristas trained to SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) standards are waiting to share their passion for specialty coffee with you.

Les cafés de spécialité araku sont issus de terroirs minutieusement sélectionnés au coeur de la vallée d'Araku en Inde.

Our 6 Biodynamic Coffee Terroirs

Our specialty coffees are classified by terroir. Each plot is listed, measured, analyzed according to 11 criteria (sunshine, forest shade, nature of the soil, exposure, altitude, etc.) and of course tasted. This is how our six exceptional coffees were born. Each terroir is then associated with its own roasting in order to reveal all their complexity.

Certified organic
Specialty coffee
Harvested by hand
Fair Trade


How does your cup of specialty coffee nourish farmers and the land?

In 2020, our #Arakunomics model won the Rockefeller Foundation’s “Food System Vision Prize”. Much more than an award, this prize aims to invite organizations around the world to develop a sustainable vision of the food and agricultural system. The good news ? The #Arakunomics model is already thriving in the Araku region of India around 3 commitments.

Financial support of our farmers with circular economy

There is no intermediary between your cup and our 10,000 coffee farmers. The latter, all owners of their plots, are brought together in a single cooperative which guarantees them access to regenerative agriculture practices and a price higher than the world market. This helped transform the status of the tribal farmer into independent farmer-entrepreneurs.

Café de Spécialité : boîte café grains bio Araku
araku coffee : café de spécialité récolté à la main en Inde

Since 1999 and with the support of the Naandi Foundation, Araku Coffee has contributed to profound social and environmental changes in the Araku Highlands.

Fondation Naandi & Araku Café


People lifted out of poverty

Abonnement café de spécialité bio en grains et moulu - Araku café indien 100% arabica

New to Araku Coffee ?

Discovering speciality coffee is a journey. Araku is an exceptional single origin coffee named after a nature reserve in India, on the high plateaux of the Eastern Ghats overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Discover which speciality coffee is right for you, depending on your preparation method and taste preferences.

Café bio : guide de préparation méthode douce

All our coffee preparation guides

The secret to an exceptional specialty coffee lies as much in its preparation as in the choice of its beans! Our baristas have therefore prepared a series of videos for you so that you can prepare your own organic specialty coffee. Using the gentle method, cold brew or espresso, the preparation of Arabica coffee will no longer hold any secrets for you !

Our organic coffees

Exceptional Coffees

ARAKU exceptional coffees embody excellence, they are distinguished by incomparable quality and remarkable sensory characteristics.

Specialty Coffees

Specialty coffees typically score above 80 out of 100, and ARAKU coffee consistently scores above 90.

Pure Arabica coffees

ARAKU specialty coffees are made exclusively from beans of the Arabica variety, recognized as the most popular and appreciated worldwide.

Fair Trade Coffees

ARAKU specialty coffees are fair trade and follow ethical trading standards that ensure fair and dignified working conditions for producers.

Indian Coffees

ARAKU Indian coffees come from a valley in India. India boasts a thriving specialty coffee culture that makes it one of the best in the world.

Grand Cru Coffees

Grand Cru coffees are exceptional coffees. They are carefully selected from specific regions, renowned for their specialty coffee culture.

Organic Coffees

Organic coffees are grown using agricultural practices that preserve the environment and exclude the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


Specialty coffee is an exceptional coffee that offers a unique tasting experience.

For a specialty coffee to be considered as such, it must be evaluated and graded according to strict criteria established by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Here are some key elements that allow this designation :

  • Quality: A specialty coffee must score above 80 on a 100-point scale assigned by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or approved Q Grader (CQI).

  • Provenance and origin: Specialty coffees are traceable from their plantation to the cup. This means that we know precisely their origin as well as the cultivation, harvesting and processing methods used. These premium coffees are usually associated with a specific production region, or even a particular farm or cooperative.

  • Growing and Processing: Specialty coffees are often sustainably grown and sourced using environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Our 6 Araku organic specialty coffees all obtained a score above 85: they are undoubtedly high-end specialty coffees.

Our Indian specialty coffees are not blends. They all come from the same plateau located in the Eastern Ghats mountains of India. All the coffee plots of the Araku plateau were analyzed and measured in order to classify them according to common terroir criteria. This approach nourished by the culture of wine in Burgundy allowed us to highlight the specificities specific to the Araku region : we identified 6 distinct terroirs depending on the sunshine, the quality of the soil, the altitude and vegetation. The Grande Réserve coffee terroir, for example, represents excellence in terms of biodiversity, richness of the soil and altitude: it produces coffee cherries of exceptional quality.

Our organic coffee comes from the Araku Valley region, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. Located at an altitude of 1000 meters and surrounded by green hills, the Araku valley offers climatic and geographical conditions particularly conducive to the cultivation of organic coffee. Grown by the indigenous tribes of the region, Indian Araku coffee helps improve the living conditions of the tribal farmers who are involved in production. Organic coffee cultivation in the Araku Valley is therefore based not only on sustainable practices, but also on socio-economic development initiatives.