Les cafés de spécialité araku sont issus de terroirs minutieusement sélectionnés au coeur de la vallée d'Araku en Inde.

Our 6 organic coffee terroirs

Our specialty coffees are classified by terroir. Each plot is listed, measured, analyzed according to 11 criteria (sunshine, forest shade, nature of the soil, exposure, altitude, etc.) and of course tasted. This is how our six exceptional coffees were born. Each terroir is then associated with its own roasting in order to reveal all their complexity.

Certified Organic
Specialty Coffee
harvested by hand
fair trade
La café de spécialité Signature est un café bio d'exception aux arômes de chocolat et de poivre


Signature coffee is an ideal entry point into the world of specialty coffee thanks to its adaptability to all preparation methods. Coming from selected villages in the heart of the Araku valley, it develops aromas of chocolate, green pepper and vegetal.

SCA rating +86 / 100% washed process / Medium roast

abonnement de café de spécialité bio sans engagement - Araku Coffee


This organic specialty coffee, intense and full-bodied, has been specially developed for espresso lovers. Coming from carefully selected plots, this single origin specialty coffee develops intense notes of caramel, butter and dark chocolate. Its powerful and round character makes it a coffee particularly suitable for aeropress, Italian coffee maker and espresso.

SCA rating +86.5 / Process 35% natural 65% washed / Strong roasting

Café de spécialité Grand cru de la vallée d'Araku, reconnu comme un des meilleurs café du monde

Great Reserve

From the best plots of the Araku highlands, this exceptional coffee reveals complex notes of yellow and red fruits, caramel, vanilla and leather. Its balanced nature makes it a versatile coffee suitable for all preparation methods.

SCA rating +88.5 / Process 50% washed 50% natural / Medium roast

Issus de parcelles avec un micro climat exceptionnelle, ce café de spécialité bio fruité et rond est idéal pour les amateurs de café bio

Micro Climate

Fruity and round, our Micro-Climat organic coffee comes from plots in the Indian village of Baankubedda, nestled on a river island in the heart of the Araku highlands. This original terroir brings a generous body and gourmet notes drawing on almost candied red fruit and a touch of bitterness.

SCA rating +87 / 100% natural process / Roasting

Café de spécialité bio spécialement torréfié pour des préparations en méthode douces.

First Harvest

Première Récolte specialty coffee is, as its name suggests, made from the first cherries of the year. This unique characteristic makes it light, fresh and intense. Its light roasting makes it a coffee particularly suited to gentle methods such as Chemex or V60. The result in the cup will delight tea lovers.

SCA rating +87 / Process 50% natural & 50% washed / Light roasting

Café grand cru à maturation lente et soigneusement récolté à la main afin de proposer les meilleurs grains de café bio.

High Altitude

This grand cru coffee is the result of slow maturation which magnifies its aromatic complexity. Coming from the best plots of the Araku valley, it reveals an aromatic profile combining sweetness, balance and roundness. Haute Altitude organic coffee benefits from a light roast highlighting its marked notes of hazelnuts, making it a coffee particularly suited to preparation using gentle methods.

SCA rating +87 / Process 100% dark honey / Light roasting


Araku offers organic specialty coffees grown according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. The plantations are operated by a cooperative of independent farmers, who practice entirely manual cultivation, without the use of machines or pesticides. Thus, thanks to small-scale production, these coffees benefit from Fairtrade certification, guaranteeing operators remuneration 15% to 65% higher than that of conventional producers.

Our coffee comes from the eponymous region of Araku, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southeast India. Located at more than 1000 meters above sea level and surrounded by green hills, the Araku highlands offer climatic and geographical conditions particularly conducive to the cultivation of specialty coffee.

Yes ! All Araku Coffee coffees are 100% Arabica, S9 and S5 varieties. They are all grown according to the principles of regenerative agriculture and are all recognized as specialty coffees.

Our Organic Coffee Ranges

Exceptional Coffees

ARAKU exceptional coffees embody excellence, they are distinguished by incomparable quality and remarkable sensory characteristics.

Specialty Coffees

Specialty coffees typically score above 80 out of 100, and ARAKU coffee consistently scores above 90.

Pure Arabica coffees

ARAKU specialty coffees are made exclusively from beans of the Arabica variety, recognized as the most popular and appreciated worldwide.

Fair Trade Coffees

ARAKU specialty coffees are fair trade and follow ethical trading standards that ensure fair and dignified working conditions for producers.

Indian Cafes

ARAKU Indian coffees come from a valley in India. India boasts a thriving specialty coffee culture that makes it one of the best in the world.

Grand Cru Coffees

Grand Cru coffees are exceptional coffees. They are carefully selected from specific regions, renowned for their specialty coffee culture.

Organic Coffees

Organic coffees are grown using agricultural practices that preserve the environment and exclude the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.