Café Signature : café de spécialité bio

Notes of chocolate, green pepper and vegetal

Our 100% Arabica Signature coffee is an ideal gateway into the world of specialty coffee. It develops captivating aromas of chocolate, green pepper and vegetal. Its 100% washed process gives it incomparable purity and softness. The medium roast fully reveals the delicate and balanced flavors of this organic specialty coffee.

Café d'Inde Signature : café en grain équitable

BOYI SIMHADRI, village of Ganjaiguda

"Growing in the shade of silver oaks in the village of Ganjaiguda, my coffee cherries are full of sugar thanks to the altitude, the richness of my soil and a culture that respects biodiversity. Our organic coffee obtains very high marks during tastings, thanks to its remarkable sweetness."

The profits made from the sale of his specialty coffee were invested in building a new house, a more comfortable home for his family of four.

At Araku Coffee we are committed to creating a sustainable livelihood environment by paying our farmers fairly.

Recommended preparation methods


Italian coffee moka

Filter coffee maker

Slow Coffee

French Press


No, Signature organic coffee is not a blend, it comes from a terroir bringing together several plots with geographical, geological and biological similarities.

Yes, Signature is a 100% Arabica coffee, from biodynamic agriculture and certified specialty coffee thanks to its tasting score of 86 awarded by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association).

Signature coffee is available in bean and ground versions, in 200g tin and in 200g and 1kg pouches. We have also developed a range of Nespresso compatible capsules in boxes of 10, 100 or sold individually.

specialty coffee
harvested by hand
fair trade
certified organic
Les cafés de spécialité araku sont issus de terroirs minutieusement sélectionnés au coeur de la vallée d'Araku en Inde.

Our 6 Biodynamic Coffee Terroirs

Our specialty coffees are classified by terroir. Each plot is listed, measured, analyzed according to 11 criteria (sunshine, forest shade, nature of the soil, exposure, altitude, etc.) and of course tasted. This is how our six exceptional coffees were born. Each terroir is then associated with its own roasting in order to reveal all their complexity.