Fellow Stagg Cuivre : bouilloire électrique col de cygne
Gooseneck kettle

FellowFELLOW Stagg Copper Kettle 1L

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With precision and comfort, the Fellow Stagg coffee kettle guarantees you ideal preparation of your specialty coffee, particularly for slow coffee preparations.


The Fellow Stagg Copper Gooseneck Coffee Kettle combines functionality and aesthetics for a premium user experience. Its ergonomic grip ensures optimal comfort. Thanks to the pouring spout of your gooseneck coffee kettle and its clever counterweight integrated into the handle, you have precise control over the water flow used to prepare your specialty coffee. Additionally, the Stagg electric kettle is equipped with a built-in thermometer on the top, allowing you to accurately monitor the water temperature. So, with the adjustable temperature electric kettle you can adjust the temperature according to the specific recommendations of your Araku specialty coffee or any other hot beverage of your choice. Its copper coating allows for more efficient and rapid water heating. It also contributes to the natural purification of water.
Fellow Stagg Cuivre : bouilloire col de cygne

The coffee kettle: an essential for successful specialty coffee

A quality coffee kettle is essential for optimal specialty coffee. It ensures precise control of the water temperature, promoting perfect extraction of the aromas of your specialty coffee. A good gooseneck coffee kettle heats quickly and evenly, ensuring consistent flavor. The non-reactive materials that make up the adjustable temperature electric kettle preserve the natural aromas of coffee, providing a unique taste experience. Controlling water flow is crucial for slow coffee methods, and some high-end coffee kettles offer features like a built-in thermometer. In short, a quality gooseneck kettle ensures flavorful, well-extracted specialty coffee tailored to your preferences.

Fellow Stagg Cuivre : bouilloire électrique col de cygne

At what water temperature according to the desired preparation method?

"In the process of brewing specialty coffee, water temperature plays a crucial role in brewing the coffee and has a significant impact on its final taste. An electric kettle set at too high temperatures could result in over-extraction and unwanted bitterness. Depending on the preparations you want to make, you must configure your electric kettle with adjustable temperature differently:

V60 and Chemex (92°C to 96°C)
French press (88°C to 94°C)
Espresso (generally between 90°C and 96°C).

Experimenting with different temperatures can help you find the flavor profile that works best for you."


The Fellow Stagg Copper Coffee Kettle features a built-in thermometer for precise water temperature control. Its pouring spout, the swan neck kettle ensures precise pouring, perfect for gentle preparation methods. Featuring a keep-warm function, the Fellow Stagg adjustable temperature electric kettle keeps water at the desired temperature. Finally, the Fellow Stagg Copper coffee kettle allows you to prepare several cups of coffee thanks to its large 1 liter capacity.

To clean the inside of the Fellow Stagg Copper Coffee Kettle, use a mixture of water and white vinegar:

Boil this mixture in the gooseneck coffee kettle

Leave it on for a few minutes

Empty and rinse thoroughly

Wipe the exterior of the kettle with a soft, damp cloth.

Remember to empty any remaining water in the coffee kettle after each use to avoid deposits.

When brewing specialty coffee with a Fellow Stagg coffee kettle, water quality is paramount for a great-tasting cup of coffee. Impurities, minerals and chlorine in water can alter the delicate flavors of specialty coffee. If you are using a Fellow Stagg coffee kettle, we therefore recommend using high quality filtered or spring water to preserve the natural characteristics of the coffee. By opting for quality water, you will be able to fully appreciate the subtle flavors and aromas of your specialty coffee.