FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Green 1L
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FellowFELLOW Stagg EKG
Electric Kettle - Green 1L

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Brew your specialty coffee with precision and comfort with the Fellow Stagg EKG Green 1l Electric Kettle.


The Stagg EKG Vert & bois electric kettle combines a minimalist and modern design with advanced features, offering exceptional comfort for preparing your coffee. Ergonomics reworked by Fellow with a counterweight integrated into the handle and a "swan neck" pouring spout specially designed for a more limited flow guarantees precise and controlled pouring. The Fellow Stagg EKG makes it easy to control the temperature of your water with a simple press of a button on the base. A small screen allows you to select the desired temperature (from 55°C to 100°C), thus offering exceptional precision for preparing your coffees using gentle methods. With its power of 1200 W, the Stagg electric kettle quickly reaches temperature and has a keep warm function, with the "HOLD" button, which keeps the water at the desired temperature for 60 minutes. In addition, the Stagg EKG electric kettle is designed in stainless steel, plastic and wood, for an elegant and high-end look. Prepare your coffees with a kettle that is as aesthetic as it is functional and (re)discover the daily pleasure of preparing a manual filter coffee. Whether you prefer V60, Chemex, Aeropress or other, equip yourself with the best gooseneck electric kettle on the market to elevate your daily experience.

The essential electric kettle for preparing specialty coffee?

A gooseneck electric kettle has all the essential elements for preparing exceptional coffee: precise temperature control guaranteeing optimal extraction of coffee aromas as well as a consistent result with each extraction! In addition, the kettle heats up quickly and maintains its temperature for at least 60 minutes to ensure optimal comfort when preparing your coffee every morning. The non-reactive materials used to make the Stagg EKG electric kettle preserve the natural flavors of coffee, providing a unique and authentic taste experience with each of your specialty coffee preparations. For more delicate preparation methods, or gentle methods (slow coffee), controlling the water flow is of paramount importance. These methods require slow, methodical pours, often in circular motions to ensure consistent extraction. The swan neck spout, and particularly that of the Stagg, offers you exceptional precision to help you get the most out of your Araku coffee. Some high-end coffee kettles also come with additional features such as a built-in thermometer. In short, a quality adjustable temperature electric kettle is an essential element for preparing tasty specialty coffee, perfectly extracted and tailored to your personal preferences.

Préparation d'un café de spécialité avec les filtres origami

What temperature should I prepare my coffee?

Water temperature plays an important role in brewing specialty coffee, significantly impacting the final cup taste. Too high a temperature can cause over-extraction, which will result in unwanted bitterness. Too low a temperature may result in under-extracted coffee, resulting in a cup that is too acidic or lacking in flavor.

A kettle that allows you to refreeze the temperature is therefore essential for preparing good coffee! The overall recommended range, whatever the coffee chosen, is between 88°C and 96°C. To know what temperature to use for your coffee, the most important thing is to see how roasted the coffee is.

For a light roast, choose a higher temperature and for a darker roast we recommend one of the lower temperatures. To start we recommend refreezing your temperature to 91°C and then changing according to your preferences.

But nothing beats practice! Set your Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle to different temperatures and experiment to find your ideal extraction. After all, the best coffee is the one you prefer.


Adjusting the temperature for preparing your coffee is essential. Using water that is too hot for your coffee risks over-extracting it and you will thus have too pronounced bitterness in the cup. Conversely, a very low temperature risks under-extracting the coffee and you will obtain coffee that is too acidic or lacks flavor. You must therefore play with the temperature to find the ideal temperature, which allows you to extract all the aromas of your specialty coffee.
We recommend using a temperature between 88°C and 96°C with higher temperatures for light roasts and lower temperatures for dark roasts. If you don't know where to start, refreeze your temperature to 91°C and then adjust according to your preferences.

The “swan neck” spout allows you to pour your water with great precision. This feature is essential for coffee preparation using gentle methods such as V60 or Chemex. These methods require slow, methodical, steady pours, often in circular motions, to achieve the best results. The precise and slow flow offered by the swan neck therefore offers a considerable advantage for making these payments according to the rules of the art. The Stagg EKG also has the particularity of having a pouring spout reworked by Fellow to have an even slower and therefore precise flow (compared to other swan neck kettles). If you are looking to improve your coffee using gentle methods, don't hesitate any longer and opt for the Fellow Stagg EKG.

Water can make up up to 98% of the contents of a cup of coffee! The quality of the water will therefore have a considerable effect on the taste of the coffee obtained. We recommend using filtered or low mineralization water (Volvic type).
In addition, filtered water considerably reduces the risk of deposits at the bottom of your carafe, particularly limescale. This will facilitate the maintenance of your kettle and therefore its longevity.
Be careful, however, not to use completely demineralized water. This is not suitable for consumption and may damage your kettle.