Aéropress : 350 micro filtres à café en papier
Coffee filters

AeropressAEROPRESS Go Paper Filters

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This box contains 350 paper coffee filters for the Aeropress, designed for single use.

These paper coffee filters have been specially designed for the Aeropress.

Advantage of Aeropress

Preparing filter coffee using an Aeropress method is a popular technique that offers precise control over brewing time, water temperature and extraction pressure. Additionally, the Aeropress is portable, easy to clean and allows for quick preparation, making it a popular option for on-the-go coffee lovers.

Cafetière : filtre à café pour Aéropress


The Aeropress uses partial infusion and pressure, while the French Press uses full infusion without pressure. In addition, the Aeropress uses a paper filter for cleaner coffee, while the French Press uses a metal filter allowing the passage of fine particles and giving a stronger coffee. These differences impact the taste, texture, and drinking experience of coffee made with each method.

There are 350 filters for Aeropress in this box.

They are compatible with Aeropress Original and Aeropress Go models.