100 filtres à café Moccamaster n°4
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MoccamasterMOCCAMASTER N°4 Paper Filters

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Moccamaster coffee filters are designed to let only the best of your ground coffee pass through.

Moccamaster white coffee filters are naturally bleached using an oxygen-based method, preserving their original color without fading. This approach guarantees optimal and tasty filtration, allowing your grand cru coffee to fully express itself.

Filter coffee: the advantages of preparing with a Moccamaster

The Moccamaster is an automatic filter coffee maker. This is a very popular method among baristas for preparing filter coffee since it has many advantages:

Optimal extraction: The Moccamaster filter coffee maker is renowned for its ability to extract coffee evenly.

Optimal Water Temperature: The Moccamaster maintains the water at an ideal temperature for brewing filter coffee, typically between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius.

Proper Brewing Time: The Moccamaster is designed for precise brewing time, which helps achieve a balanced cup of coffee.

Uniformity of taste: Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of water on the ground coffee and the regularity of the infusion process.

Cup Cleanliness: The paper filters used with the Moccamaster coffee maker help remove unwanted oils and residue.

Utilisation cafetière filtre Moccamaster : avantages


No. 4 of the paper coffee filters for MOCCAMASTER indicates the size of the filter suitable for the filter holders of MOCCAMASTER coffee machines. They are generally suitable for brewing around 6 to 10 cups of coffee, depending on the capacity of your MOCCAMASTER filter coffee maker.

MOCCAMASTER N°4 coffee filters are designed as single-use disposable filters. They are intended to be used for a single coffee preparation, then thrown away after use, in your compost.

Per box, there are 100 N°4 coffee filters for Moccamaster.