Filtre permanent et réutilisable Chemex
Reusable coffee filter

AbleABLE Kone Chemex Permanent Filter

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Opt for the Kone permanent filter for Chemex, the ecological solution that eliminates the need for paper filters.

Equipped with fine perforations, the ABLE permanent filter offers you a cup result comparable to that of a classic Chemex paper filter. Its design allows for an extraction of your specialty coffee as complete as that obtained with paper filters.

Specificity of coffee prepared in Chemex

Coffee prepared in Chemex has several specific features that give it a distinctive character. Here are some of the characteristics of coffee prepared in Chemex:

Clarity and purity: The Chemex uses a filter that provides superior filtration. This helps trap oils and fine particles, producing a clear, clean cup of coffee free of sediment. The Chemex filter helps achieve precise extraction and bring out the delicate flavors of the coffee.

Light to Medium Body: Due to the fine filtration of the Chemex filter, brewed coffee typically has a light to medium body. Heavier oils and soluble compounds are retained, resulting in a lighter texture in the mouth compared to other preparation methods.

Balanced Flavor Profile: The brewing process in the Chemex allows for slow and steady extraction of coffee aromas and flavors. This often results in a balanced flavor profile, highlighting the subtle notes and delicate nuances of the coffee. Coffee brewed in Chemex can offer sweet, floral and fruity flavors, with a pleasantly sharp acidity.

Chemex : filtre à café permanent Kone


The Kone Permanent Filter, manufactured by Able Brewing, is a reusable stainless steel filter designed for use with coffee brewing methods such as Chemex or V60. Its lifespan depends on several factors, including frequency of use, maintenance and care given to the filter. With proper maintenance, a Kone filter can last for several years.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your permanent Chemex filter:

Regular cleaning: After each use, rinse the Kone filter with hot water to remove coffee residue.

Descaling: If you notice scale buildup, soak the Kone filter in a solution of hot water and white vinegar for about 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Proper drying: Dry the filter thoroughly after cleaning to prevent the formation of mold or unwanted odors.

With the Kone filter, we recommend a slightly coarser grind than for the paper filter.