100 filtres taille M (4 tasses) pour dripper origami
Coffee filters

Origami100 Filters for Origami Dripper size M

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100 size M filters with conical bottom designed for Origami dripper (filter holder).

Filters specifically designed for Origami dripper (filter holder). FSC certified and made from virgin pulp, these filters have a conical shape, promoting the tangy and fruity profile of your specialty coffee.

The art of slow coffee with the Origami dripper

Make 3 cups of slow coffee with the Origami dripper using 20g of medium ground specialty coffee, 300ml of water, a kettle and 3 minutes. Start by humidifying the filter, add the ground coffee, heat the water between 88 and 90°C. Carry out a pre-infusion with 60ml of water, wait 45 seconds, then pour 150g of water in a circular manner, avoiding the edges of the filter. After it has completely drained, pour out the rest of the water, remove the Origami filter holder and stir the coffee in the carafe for an even consistency.

Préparation d'un café de spécialité avec les filtres origami


What is the size of the filter for Origami dripper?

Each bag contains 100 M-size origami filters.

Origami filters with conical bottoms allow you to further concentrate the tangy and fruity notes of your specialty coffee.