Moulin à café électrique fellow opus précis et polyvalent
moulin à café électrique Opus de Fellow avec 41 réglages de mouture : café de spécialité
Electric coffee grinder

FellowFELLOW Opus coffee grinder black

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The Fellow Opus electric coffee grinder is the most complete, precise and versatile in our range.


The Fellow Opus electric coffee grinder is certainly the most precise and versatile grinder on the market. Indeed, thanks to its conical burrs with 6 stainless steel blades and its 41 different grinding settings, it is capable of grinding for your preparations in espresso, French press, gentle method, cold brew and much more. Extremely easy to use, this electric grinder can hold up to 110g of coffee beans. Simply adjust the grinder to your chosen extraction method and choose the grinding time to control the quantity. The Opus electric coffee grinder also has anti-static technology, helping to combat the retention of ground coffee.
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How to properly adjust your electric coffee grinder?

When using an electric coffee grinder, grind choice is crucial to achieving the perfect coffee in your preferred brewing method. Here are some helpful tips:

For a French press (pressure coffee maker), opt for a coarse grind by setting your electric coffee grinder to the highest numbers.
For brewing by percolation (filter coffee maker), choose a medium-sized grind.
For espresso, a fine, even grind is essential. The precise settings of an electric coffee grinder guarantee a precise grind for this fineness.
For the Aeropress, a medium to fine grind is generally recommended.
For a cold brew, prefer a coarse grind.

These tips are starting points, but it's important to experiment and adjust the grind fineness based on your personal preference.

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The advantages of the electric coffee grinder

Choosing an electric coffee grinder over a manual coffee grinder to grind your specialty coffee can be advantageous for several reasons:

Ease and speed: Electric coffee grinders are convenient and quick, doing all the work for you.
Grind consistency: Thanks to their precise settings, electric coffee grinders provide a more uniform and consistent grind.
Capacity and quantity: Electric grinders can process a larger quantity of coffee at a time.
Advanced options: Some models, like the Fellow Opus electric grinder, offer advanced features with up to 41 grind settings, allowing for optimal customization of your specialty coffee to your tastes.


The Fellow Opus electric coffee grinder can hold up to 110g of coffee beans in its hopper and 100g of ground coffee in its reservoir.

The Opus is equipped with an outer adjustment ring offering 41 positions, adjustable between numbers 1 to 11. Each interval between numbers has 4 minor increments, allowing precise grind adjustments in steps of 0.25. Considering this configuration, the Opus technically offers 120 adjustment positions. You can grind your specialty coffee for any type of preparation.

Simply turn the ring under the hopper to easily adjust the grind.