Le mousseur à lait électrique NanoFoamer PRO est le meilleur mousseur à lait du marché.
Que vous préférez les cappuccino très onctueux ou les latte avec une mousse plus fine, avec le NanoFoamer PRO vous pouvez choisir 5 épaisseurs de mousse différentes.
Que votre espresso vienne d'une machine à capsule, d'une cafetière italienne ou d'une Aeropress, optez pour le NanoFoamer PRO pour profiter d'un lait parfait pour votre café matinal.  
Milk frother

SubliminalSubminimal NanoFoamer PRO
Milk Frother

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A foam worthy of the best coffee shops at your fingertips.


The NanoFoamer PRO milk frother is the best milk frother on the market! Thanks to this you will be able to obtain a perfect foam, worthy of a barista, without fail and easily. Whether you prefer very smooth cappuccinos or lattes with finer foam, with the NanoFoamer PRO you can choose 5 different foam thicknesses.

In addition, no more plant-based milks that don’t froth properly! Subminimal has developed a system of interchangeable magnetic flow regulators inside the frother: two for plant-based milk and one for cow's milk. The paddles ensure adequate ventilation to create perfect “microfoam”.

Once the milk is ready, the NanoFoamer PRO also serves as a pitcher for pouring beautiful latte art. And if some of you are not very coffee-loving, you can also prepare delicious hot chocolates with this frother.

Maintenance is also very easy, and the removable flow regulators make it easy to clean the carafe without worrying about milk remaining in certain corners.

Whether your espresso comes from a capsule machine, an Italian coffee maker or an Aeropress, opt for the NanoFoamer PRO to enjoy perfect milk for your morning coffee. 

A foam worthy of the best coffee shops

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to replicate the creaminess of a latte or cappuccino at home? Or have you ever wanted to try latte art? Then this frother is made for you! The NanoFoamer PRO by Subminimal is by far the best milk frother on the market. No more need for an overpriced espresso machine that will give you mediocre foam. With the NanoFoamer PRO you just have to pour the milk and choose the milk texture you prefer (more or less foamy). This frother heats the milk to the ideal temperature and you will obtain perfect froth in just a few minutes.

mousseur à lait électrique de la marque subminimal pour une mousse de lait onctueuse digne des meilleurs coffee shop.


All! Plant milk and cow's milk can all be foamed with the NanoFoamer PRO. Just remember to change the pallets inside. These paddles are also called flow regulators and allow you to introduce more or less air into your milk.
This is essential because plant-based and cow's milk need different amounts of air introduced to achieve similar textures and foams. All plant-based milks are different, so try different flow regulators until you achieve the desired result.

This frother heats milk between 55°C and 65°C. When a first beep sounds from the NanoFoamer PRO, this means the milk is ready and is at a temperature of 55°C. If you prefer your milk warmer, you can let the machine continue after this beep. It will then stop automatically once the milk reaches 65°C.

If you prefer iced coffees, don't worry! The NanoFoamer PRO has a program that allows you to froth milk without heating it.

You just have to rinse it with hot water and soap if necessary! A cleaning brush is also included in the box to help you get rid of milk stains on the bottom of the frother. Remember to rinse the pitcher well between each use to prevent milk stains from forming.

Only use milk inside the frother. It may be tempting to add, for example, cocoa powder to prepare hot chocolate directly inside. However, this is not recommended, powders or others can infiltrate the metal mesh screen which is used to froth the milk and reduce its longevity.