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The Trinity Zero portable coffee maker is your ideal travel companion.


The Trinity Zero portable coffee maker is a revolutionary coffee press. This manual coffee maker with a patented, original and elegant design allows you to prepare quality espresso in less than 60 seconds, effortlessly and without filter. The Trinity Zero portable espresso maker is designed to be your ideal travel companion, compact and durable, to enjoy a freshly prepared espresso during your walks and activities in the great outdoors. No longer let lack of time or filter stop you from enjoying perfectly prepared specialty coffee.

Machine café nomade Trinity Zero : cafetière manuelle

Prepare your espresso with the Trinity Zero portable coffee maker

The Trinity Zero portable coffee maker is perfect for enjoying a specialty coffee in the great outdoors, here's how to prepare it:

Fill the coffee reservoir with 18 grams of freshly ground filter coffee.

Heat water to between 92°C and 94°C.

Attach the coffee reservoir to the water reservoir and fill the reservoir to the indicated mark (100 ml).

Wait 30 seconds for the water to be pre-infused.

Place the Trinity Zero portable coffee maker on your favorite mug and carefully attach the lid.

Press and hold the coffee press pump for 5 seconds, then repeat until all the water has gone through the coffee.

Cafetière espresso Trinity Zero : machine à café nomade manuelle

Which coffee to choose with the Trinity portable coffee maker?

The Trinity Zero coffee maker is the solution for preparing espresso coffee wherever you are! While there are many coffee makers for preparing quality filter coffee on the move, the Trinity Zero coffee maker is the only portable espresso coffee maker. The manual pressure created by the pump during brewing allows this extraction method to maintain the clarity and smoothness of a filter coffee while further concentrating its aromas. We therefore recommend using a medium to strong roast coffee such as Araku Signature or Selection specialty coffees. The Trinity Zero portable coffee machine will surprise you with its ability to help you rediscover the aromatic balance of your favorite specialty coffee.


The Trinity Zero portable coffee machine works with pressure extraction. The water passes through the filter and the ground coffee using a manual pump. The infusion time is short and the result is similar to a strong filter coffee. We therefore recommend a grind ranging from fine to medium, to experiment according to your taste preferences.

No, since the extraction system of the Trinity Zero portable coffee maker works with pressure, it is not possible to make an infusion rich in aromas with cold water. The extraction time is too short which would result in tasteless coffee. However, once your Trinity Zero portable coffee machine has been prepared with hot water, you can put ice cubes in it to have an iced coffee.

All parts of the Trinity Zero portable coffee maker are removable and washable independently. It is recommended to rinse with water and gently scrub the espresso maker after each use. Pay particular attention to the aluminum filter, you can clean it with a small brush so that no coffee deposits remain, this could alter the taste of your next preparations.