socle en bois d'acacia pour dripper origami

OrigamiORIGAMI Dripper Holder
Acacia wood

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The Origami filter holder guarantees you a coffee rich in intensity and flavors. Here is its base which will allow you to perfectly control your preparation process.

Support for origami dripper sizes S and M, made of acacia wood. It allows direct use on a carafe or mug.

Gentle method tutorial with the Origami dripper

Prepare three cups of coffee the gentle way with the Origami dripper by combining 20g of medium ground special coffee with 300ml of hot water, a kettle and 3 minutes of your precious time. Start by lightly wetting the filter, then add the ground coffee. Heat the water until it reaches an ideal temperature of between 88 and 90°C. Make a pre-infusion by pouring 60ml of water, let it sit for 45 seconds, then pour the remaining 150g of water in a circular manner, taking care to avoid the edges of the filter. After it has completely drained, pour in the rest of the water, carefully remove the Origami dripper and gently stir the coffee in the carafe for a perfectly homogeneous consistency.

Gentle method tutorial with the Origami dripper


Although not essential for the preparation of your specialty coffee, it will allow you better stability of your dripper during infusion and therefore more precise extraction.

Thanks to the Origami filter holder, specialty coffees turn out to be remarkably smooth and balanced. While the particular shape of the dripper, the V60 accentuates the fruity and tangy nuances of the coffee, thus adding a more intense dimension to your specialty coffee.

You just need to clean it regularly with clean water. You can be sure to enjoy your specialty coffee with the origami dripper for many years.