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Created in 2005 by Stanford professor Allan Adler, Aeropress came about one day at the dinner. Adler's wife suggested she had always problems when she just wanted to brew a single cup of coffee.

With the AEROPRESS, prepare smooth and bitterness coffees quickly : 1 to 3 cups in a few second. The AEROPRESS cleaning is simple, as it goes to the dishwasher. You can obtain 4 different cups of coffee: an espresso, an American coffee, a café au lait or a cold infusion.



Use of the Aeropress

  • Add 2 AEROPRESS spoons for one coffee of 150 ml (measure 2) of water.
  • Add a filter on the lower part (do not forget to wet the filter before!).
  • Pour the water. For a perfect extraction, we recommend a water with a temperature from 80°C to 95°C (do not exceed this temperature).
  • Melt with the AEROPRESS spoon and let rest 15 seconds.
  • Close the pistonwith the filter and turn it on your glass
  • Press slowly the coffee with the "suction cup"
  • Your espresso is ready ... Taste it! A tight grinding, between 15 and 17g of coffee for 150ml of water will allow you to enjoy an aromatic and bold coffee !


Dimensions: W 4.6 x D 3.6 x H 3.6 (container and plunger)

Weight: 11.5 oz.

Brewing capacity: 8 oz.

Filter holder capacity: 20

Mug capacity: 15 oz.

Spoon capacity: 14g