Aéropress Clear : machine à café filtre manuellecompacte
Cafetière nomade : Aéropress Clear
Manual portable coffee maker

AeropressAeropress Clear

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The Aeropress Clear is the ideal unbreakable manual filter coffee maker for specialty coffee lovers.


The AeroPress Clear is ideal for all specialty coffee lovers who want a rich, smooth coffee without acidity or bitterness. It brews one to three cups of Araku organic coffee in one minute, and cleanup only takes a few seconds. Its tritan design makes it an unbreakable, light and compact manual filter coffee maker. the AeroPress clear is an ideal companion for travel, camping or work.
Cafetière filtre manuelle : machine à café filtre manuelle nomade Aéropress Clear

The history of the AéroPress manual filter coffee maker

The AeroPress, a revolutionary manual filter coffee maker, was designed by Alan Adler, a former engineering professor at Stanford, in the United States. In 2004, Adler initiated the development of this portable coffee maker with the aim of reducing the acidity and bitterness of his daily coffee. His invention was a phenomenal success, attracting specialty coffee experts around the world.

Cafetière filtre manuelle : machine à café nomade Aéropress Clear

Make your coffee a success with the Aéropress Clear coffee maker

To prepare your espresso, we suggest you start with a coffee-water ratio of 1:13, or 18g of coffee to 230ml of water. The Aeropress Clear coffee maker can be used in two ways, upright or upside down. Here is our method for use in a vertical position:

Put the paper filter into the filter basket and rinse it with hot water.
Place 18g of ground coffee in the AeroPress chamber.
Pour half the hot water (92-94°C) to cover the ground coffee and wait a minute.
Stir the wet grains three times, pour in the remaining water and wait 3 minutes.
Finally, insert the plunger and press gently until the extraction is complete.

Pro tip: add 10ml of water directly to your cup of coffee to further intensify its aroma and flavor.


The inverted method involves simply reversing the brewing steps of the upright method, obviously making sure to turn the Aeropress Clear right side up to extract the coffee. This approach generally provides better control over infusion time, allowing for slower and more precise extraction. This process can influence the final result of your specialty coffee.

The AéroPress Clear manual filter coffee machine stands out for its great versatility, allowing it to be used with any Araku specialty coffee. Regarding the grind, it is recommended to opt for a fineness similar to that of table salt. Of course, these settings can be adjusted according to your personal preferences.

To maintain your AeroPress Clear portable coffee maker, clean it after each use by rinsing the parts with hot water and occasionally use a cleaning solution. Store your manual coffee maker in a dry place, remember to replace the filters each time you use it. Note that the Aéropress Clear manual filter coffee maker is also compatible with washing in the dishwasher.