Dripper origami jaune en céramique pour préparation café de spécialité en méthode douce
Dripper origami jaune Slow Coffee fabriqué en porcelaine de Mino
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OrigamiOrigami Dripper
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The Origami filter holder combines the aesthetics and precision characteristic of Japanese craftsmanship to obtain a specialty coffee where nothing is left to chance.

The Origami dripper, designed in porcelain in Japan, is inspired by the art of Japanese folding to optimize the infusion process. Thanks to a series of 20 intelligent folds, it allows you to fully extract the richness and complexity of your specialty coffee. Jian Ning Du won the Brewers Cup World Championships in 2019 using this unique method.

The recipe for a slow coffee with Origami

To make 3 cups of slow coffee with the Origami dripper, you will need 20g of medium ground specialty coffee, 300ml of water, a kettle and 3 minutes. Start by humidifying the filter, add the ground coffee, heat the water between 88 and 90°C. Initiate the pre-infusion with 60ml of water, wait 45 seconds, then pour 150g of water in a circular manner, avoiding the edges of the filter. Finish by pouring in the rest of the water, after it has completely drained, remove the Origami filter holder and stir the coffee in the carafe for a homogeneous consistency.

Guide de préparation slow coffee avec un dripper origami taille M


We offer you on our website a pack of 100 Origami filters size M with conical bottom.

Using the Origami portafilter allows you to create specialty coffees that are balanced and rich in smoothness. On the other hand, with the V60 method, the shape of the dripper tends to highlight the fruity and acidic nuances of the coffee.

We offer Origami filter holders only in size M (2 to 5 cups), in navy blue, red and yellow.