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organic specialty coffeeHigh Altitude Coffee Beans - 200G Tin

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Slowly maturing coffee beans favoring aromatic complexity. Great finesse and marked hazelnut notes.


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Araku High Altitude is a grand cru organic coffee which is distinguished by its slow maturation, which gives it exceptional aromatic complexity. The light roasting of this pure Arabica coffee highlights its remarkable finesse and intense hazelnut notes. Harvested from the best plots, this exceptional coffee offers a harmonious aromatic profile, with perfect sweetness, balance and roundness. We especially recommend our High Altitude organic coffee beans for gentle preparation methods (or slow coffee).

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SUKURU VIJAYASHANTHI, Cheruvupakalu village

"I am much happier going to my specialty coffee farms and producing coffee than before. The reason is that the leaves are shiny and the fruits are vibrant red due to the organic fertilizations we use on the plantation. And of course, there is also the financial aspect which is good!”

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High Altitude specialty coffee cultivation : obtaining quality Arabica coffee beans

Altitude plays a crucial role in specialty coffee cultivation. Arabica coffee beans grown at altitude benefit from unique climatic conditions which influence their development. Cooler temperatures, moderate light and day-night variations at high altitudes promote slow, uniform ripening of Araku organic coffee cherries. This slow maturation allows aromas and flavors to fully develop, creating complex and distinctive taste profiles. Additionally, high altitude soils are often mineral-rich and well-drained, which contributes to the quality of organic coffee beans produced. Combining altitude with other factors such as coffee bean variety, growing practices and careful processing results in exceptional specialty coffees.


The Indian coffee plots of the Araku Valley are carefully studied and classified based on common characteristics. Thanks to this analysis, we identified 6 distinct terroirs, determined by factors such as sunshine, soil, altitude and vegetation. These 6 terroirs gave birth to 6 specialty coffees. Organic coffee beans High Altitude draws its particularity from its location at altitude and the climatic conditions that prevail there. This causes the coffee beans to mature more slowly, which results in a more pronounced sweetness of the organic coffee produced. This careful selection allows us to offer a pure Arabica coffee from India, which will delight lovers of organic specialty coffee.

The dark honey coffee bean extraction process is a processing method used in the production of specialty coffee. This is a variation of the process of drying Arabica coffee beans naturally. During the “dark honey” process, organic coffee cherries are harvested and pulped, leaving a certain amount of mucilage adhering to the beans. The organic coffee beans with their mucilage are then spread out to dry in the sun or in dryers, but unlike other drying methods, they are turned less frequently. This process gives the specialty coffee a sweet flavor, with notes of honey and ripe fruit. The term "dark honey" refers to the dark color of the mucilage left on the beans during drying.

High Altitude specialty coffee is available in beans only:
- In a 200G tin of coffee beans
- In a 200G pouch of coffee beans