3 sachets de café de spécialité : coffret cadeau grande classique
Coffret cadeau grande classique : 3 sachets café de spécialité bio
Coffee Gift Box

organic specialty coffeeThe Great Classics Coffee Beans / Ground - 200G pouche

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Offer the excellence of specialty coffee with our coffee box bringing together a selection of 3 emblematic Araku organic coffees, available in bean or ground pouch.


Discover our coffee box bringing together the three Great Classics among our organic specialty coffees. Carefully selected, our coffee gift box contains 3 emblematic coffees of the brand. Each pouch contains 200g of organic coffee from India.

Signature Coffee offers a medium roast that perfectly combines sweetness and balance, ideal for all preparation methods.

For lovers of strong espresso, our strong roast Selection coffee is the perfect choice.

Finally, let yourself be enchanted by our Grand Reserve coffee, Araku's grand cru, from the best plots, medium roasted, suitable for all forms of preparation.

Coffret cadeau grande classique : sachets café de spécialité bio

Pure origin Indian coffee

Coffee from India is known worldwide for its high SCA tasting scores. Grown at altitude, its specialty coffees are distinguished by their sweetness and the complexity of their floral, fruity and spicy aromas. Araku organic coffees are produced on a plateau nestled 1000 meters above sea level in the Andra Pradesh region, located in the Eastern Ghats mountain range. This region is suitable for producing high-quality 100% Arabica coffee due to its temperatures, humidity, soil diversity and biodiversity. Araku is the largest biodynamic organic 100% Arabica coffee plantation in India and the world.

Café de spécialité sachet : coffret cadeau grande classique

Specialty coffee: Make your espresso a success

Espresso is made by passing hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee, resulting in a strongly flavored concentrated coffee drink. This specialty coffee set is ideal for this method. To make espresso, you will need an espresso machine, finely ground Arabica coffee beans, filtered water, and a kitchen scale. We suggest starting with a coffee-to-water ratio of 18g per cup, then experimenting to find the perfect ratio based on your preferences.


All Araku specialty coffees are organic and Fair Trade certified.

Coffee grounds are the ground coffee remaining after brewing, and recycling them can contribute to a zero waste approach. Here are some 100% natural tips to give it new life. Use it as a natural fertilizer for your plants, as it is rich in beneficial nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. For an exfoliating body scrub, mix it with coconut oil or shower gel, and gently massage your skin to make it smooth and glowing. Additionally, coffee grounds have a powerful odor that can repel some unwanted insects like ants, slugs or snails, so simply sprinkle coffee grounds on the areas you want to protect.

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Moulin à café

Magnifique moulin. Très utile en voyage. Livraison rapide. Je recommande.

Superbe mais peut être problématique

J’ai acheté cette très très jolie cafetière récemment. Le design est top mais peut être problématique … il ne faut pas mettre son feu trop fort au risque que l’eau dépasse la structure et fuit par le capot lorsque le café commence à couler. Tout est une question d’adaptation mais ce petit détail qui nous a coûté une petite brûlure et une plaque en panique vaut mention car cela ne nous est jamais arrivés avec nos autres cafetières peu importe l’intensité du feu que nous mettions.

Porte-filtres en céramique

J'ai rapidement reçu le porte-filtres en céramiques (HARIO V60 Dripper) pour 1 à 3 tasses que j'avais commandé, et j'en suis entièrement satisfaite. Il est d'ailleurs très joli à regarder aussi, je l'aime bien !