Machine à café italienne : cafetière design bleue
Machine à café italienne : cafetière design bleue
Cafetière italienne Moka Bleue 2 tasses
Italian coffee maker

Araku CoffeeAraku Moka Italian Coffee Maker 2 Cups Blue

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The blue Araku Moka stainless steel Italian coffee maker co-created with Anderssen & Voll combines timeless design and modern functionality


Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll passionately created this designer Italian coffee maker in exclusive collaboration with Araku. Inspired by traditional Japanese teapots and the biodiversity of Araku, the blue Moka Araku Italian coffee maker combines timeless aesthetics and modern functionality. Made with high quality materials, this Italian coffee machine offers optimal extraction of the aromas of your ARAKU specialty coffee, in just a few minutes. A perfect alliance between Italian know-how and Nordic creativity.
Cafetière italienne Moka Bleue 2 tasses : méthode de préparation

Italian coffee maker: Preparation method

You can't help but love the rich, full-bodied coffee from the Moka Araku blue Italian coffee maker. For a perfect result, here are the tips from our baristas:

Fill the lower chamber with water up to the safety valve.

Fill the coffee basket with 11 to 14g of Italian coffee with a fine to medium grind.

Assemble the Blue Moka Italian Coffee Maker and place it over a low flame.

Let it brew for 3.5-4 minutes until the coffee is ready.

Remove the blue Moka Italian coffee machine from the heat and pour yourself a cup!

Machine à café italienne : préparation cafetière moka bleue

Choosing the right coffee for the Italian coffee machine

Let us guide you in choosing the ideal specialty coffee for your Araku stainless steel Italian coffee maker. First, opt for a specialty coffee grown in the Araku highlands of India. The ideal roast ranges from medium to strong, delivering rich, full-bodied flavors. Prefer a fresh, fine to medium grind for optimal extraction. Among our range, Araku Sélection organic coffee stands out for its pronounced full-bodiedness, and it is with our Moka Araku designer Italian coffee maker that you will appreciate all its subtlety.


The main difference between our Araku Moka stainless steel Italian coffee maker and a traditional espresso machine lies in the brewing process. Our designer Italian coffee maker, also known as a moka pot, uses heat-generated steam pressure to force water through ground coffee, producing rich, aromatic coffee. In contrast, a traditional espresso machine uses a high-pressure pump to force hot water through the ground coffee, creating a more intense and concentrated extraction.

The brewing time of an Italian coffee maker generally varies between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the size of the Italian coffee machine and the power of the heat source. It is important to carefully monitor the brewing process to prevent the coffee from over-brewing or burning. Once the water has passed through the coffee and the reservoir is empty, immediately remove the Italian coffee maker from the heat to preserve the quality of the coffee.

It is recommended to disassemble all parts of our blue Araku Moka Italian coffee maker and rinse them with hot water after each use. Avoid using soap or detergents, as this may alter the flavors of the specialty coffee. It is also important to clean the rubber seal and filter regularly to remove coffee residue and prevent deposit buildup. Additionally, be sure to dry all parts thoroughly before reassembling them to prevent mold from forming. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning will ensure an Italian coffee maker is in good working order and extend its lifespan.