Machine à espresso : cafetière Delonghi Dedica noir EC695M
Machine  café Dedida EC695M Noir : cafetière à espresso
Machine à espresso : cafetière Delonghi Dedica noir EC695M
Cafetière espresso : machine à café espresso Dedica Noir
Espresso coffee machine

DeLonghiDelonghi Dedica EC695K

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Easy to use and professional quality, the Delonghi Dedica EC695K coffee machine is made for espresso lovers


The DELONGHI Dedica Noir EC695K espresso machine exceeds expectations of a simple espresso machine for beginners. Its innovative thermoblock allows rapid heating of the water, giving you an espresso in just 35 seconds. Thanks to its backlit control panel with 3 buttons, the Delonghi Dedica EC695K espresso machine is easy to use. Its self-priming system makes it always ready to use. Enjoy complete customization by adjusting the coffee temperature to your preferences and adapting the water hardness to your tastes. You can also choose the automatic shutdown time that suits you best. By programming and storing the desired amount of coffee, each cup will be prepared according to your preferences. And with the steam nozzle, you can make creamy milk drinks as desired.
Préparation café : machine à espresso Delonghi Dedica EC695M Noir

What coffee should you use to prepare espresso?

To make an espresso coffee, we recommend a strong roast coffee. This typicality will be highlighted by the rapid espresso pressure extraction system. Araku Sélection organic specialty coffee is specially designed to make espresso. Its intense roasting highlights rich and deep aromas. The carefully selected beans provide perfect concentration and intensity for use with the Delonghi Dedica EC695K espresso maker, creating a drink with plenty of body, also ideal as a base for milky drinks.

Machine à espresso Delonghi Dedica EC695M Noir : préparation café

Crema: a sign of espresso quality

The crema is essential for a quality espresso. It adds sweetness, balance and aroma to coffee. The crema also offers a velvety texture and an attractive aesthetic to the cup. It plays a key role in preserving coffee aromas. In summary, a good crema is a sign of a well-extracted espresso.


For the perfect espresso, choose specialty pure Arabica coffee beans, like organic Araku Coffee. Use a fine to very fine grind for optimal extraction of flavors and oils from the coffee beans.

To adjust the taste of your coffee with the Delonghi Dedica Noir EC695K espresso machine, here are some tips:

Vary the amount of coffee for a stronger or milder taste.
Adjust the fineness of the grind for a more concentrated or gentler extraction.
Control the extraction time for a more acidic or full-bodied taste.
Experiment with water temperature to find what works best for you.

After each use, be sure to carefully empty and rinse the portafilter, filter and brew group. Neglecting this maintenance can cause performance problems. To preserve the quality of your Delonghi Dedica Black EC695K espresso coffee maker, follow the manufacturer's instructions to regularly descale using a specific product. Don't forget to also clean the water tank and nozzle of your espresso machine.