Porte filtre à café : dripper V60 Chemex 4 tasses
V60 filter holder

HarioHARIO V60 Dripper White Ceramic 02 (2 to 5 cups)

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The V60 dripper is a ceramic coffee filter holder expertly designed by the Japanese brand Hario. Compatible V60 Size 2.

The HARIO Dripper V60 is the ideal tool for specialty coffee lovers looking for precise and controlled extraction. With its conical shape, its interior grooves and its large diameter base, this coffee filter holder promotes optimal water flow during infusion, thus guaranteeing coffee quality and rich aromatic development. incomparable. For an even more refined experience, combine the V60 dripper with the Hario filters specially designed for this dripper.

V60: what is the origin of the name of this method?

The Hario V60 is a conical coffee filter holder, unlike other flat bottom filter holders that can be found on the market. With its 60° angle and its large hole in the center, allowing your filter to protrude slightly, the V60 dripper allows coffee to be extracted quickly enough to reveal the best of it. Once water comes into contact with your coffee, it flows easily through the central hole. The spirals inside the V60 also make extraction easier by preventing the paper filter from sticking to the V60.

Dripper V60 Chemex taille 2 : porte filtre à café


The change in size between the V60 Size 1 dripper and the V60 Size 2 is mainly in the diameter of the cone and the opening at the bottom.

The advantages of the Dripper V60 for preparing your coffees are based on 3 principles: its conical shape, a unique opening and its spirals.

The term "dripper" refers to the shape of this cone-shaped accessory with a small hole at the base for the flow of coffee. The word "dripper" is derived from the English verb "to drip", which means "to drip". Thus, the dripper is designed to allow a controlled drip flow of water through the ground coffee.