100 filtres à café V60 Hario Taille 2
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HarioHARIO V60 Filters
100 Natural paper T2 filters

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The V60 Size 2 natural paper coffee filters are specially designed to extract your best filter coffee with precision.


The quality of the coffee filter is essential when preparing your filter coffee with a V60. Made from natural paper, the V60 Size 2 Hario coffee filters allow complete extraction of the aromas of your ground coffee. In addition, they are biodegradable, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.
For best results, it is recommended to rinse the coffee filter with boiling water before brewing your filter coffee. This helps eliminate any unwanted aromas that may be present in the paper and thus ensures a cup that is both smooth and rich in nuances.

These size 2 filters are suitable for the 02 drippers of the V60.

Choosing your paper coffee filter

Choosing your paper coffee filter is a key step for any demanding coffee lover. This can make all the difference to the aroma and taste of your filter coffee.
Here are some important points to consider when purchasing a coffee filter:

Filtration Capacity: Paper quality plays a crucial role in filtering unwanted particles, such as fine coffee particles, oils and residue. Some paper filters have a higher filtration capacity, which can lead to a clearer, cleaner cup of coffee free of sediment.

Paper thickness: The thickness of paper filters varies. A thicker coffee filter can trap more oils and fine particles, producing a cup of coffee with a lighter body and cleaner texture. A finer filter can allow certain oils and particles to pass through, which can give the coffee a richer, more textured body.

Water flow: Some paper filters have larger pores, allowing water to flow through the ground coffee more quickly. Other coffee filters have finer pores, slowing water flow and extending brewing time. The water flow can affect the extraction of flavors from the coffee and therefore the final taste of the drink.

Taste and aroma: Some paper coffee filters may pass more oils and soluble compounds, which can give the coffee a richer, more intense flavor profile. Other paper filters can retain more oils and soluble substances, producing cleaner, brighter-tasting coffee.

Choisir ses filtres à cafés : filtres naturels Hario V60 T2


V60 Hario coffee filters are FSC certified, guaranteeing responsible forest management. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard is an internationally recognized certification system that guarantees that forest products, such as wood and paper, come from forests that are responsibly managed according to strict criteria.

There are 100 filters for V60 size 2 per box.

Natural paper coffee filters are coffee filters made from unbleached or chemically untreated paper. They are generally thicker than bleached paper filters, allowing for more efficient filtration of oils and fine particles from coffee.