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HarioHARIO V60 T3 Natural Paper Filters

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The V60 Size 3 coffee filters in natural paper are specially designed to extract your ground coffee with precision.

Ensuring the quality of your filter coffee includes choosing your paper coffee filter. Specially designed to fit the dripper of the V60 T3 coffee maker, Hario coffee filters are made of high quality natural paper which allows complete extraction of flavors. Easy to use, they are biodegradable, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment. To remove any unwanted aromas that may be present in the paper, we recommend rinsing the coffee filter with boiling water before brewing your filter coffee, allowing coffee lovers to fully savor the rich flavors in each cup.

Choosing the right coffee filter

Choosing the right coffee filter can make a difference in the quality of your cup of coffee. Here are some factors to consider to help you make the right choice:

Size and shape: Coffee filters come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different coffee brewing methods. For example, cone filters are commonly used with drip coffee makers, while flat filters are used with French presses. Be sure to choose the size and shape of the filter that matches your specific brewing method.

Filter Thickness: Paper coffee filters can vary in thickness. Thicker filters can trap more oils and fine particles, while finer coffee filters allow freer passage of oils and flavors. The pore size of the filter can also influence water flow and brew time. Consider your personal preferences in terms of body and cleanliness of the coffee cup to choose the filter thickness that is right for you.

Choisir ses filtres à cafés : filtres naturels Hario V60 T3


Hario's V60 natural paper coffee filter range includes 3 sizes to fit the 3 sizes of V60 filter holders.

There are 40 filters for V60 size 3 per box.

Natural paper filters are unbleached filters, which means they retain their natural color and may have a brownish tint. This is due to the presence of natural pigments in the paper fibers. They are also generally thicker than bleached paper filters, allowing for more efficient filtration of oils and fine particles from coffee.