Carafe verre Hario V60 1/3 tasses : cafetière V60
Manual filter coffee maker

HarioHario Carafe V60 1/3 cup

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Completed with a Hario dripper, the V60 is an iconic slow coffee object.


With its maximum capacity of 360 ml, this Hario V60 coffee maker allows you to prepare up to 3 delicious cups of coffee. Designed to accommodate a V60 Hario dripper, this elegantly designed carafe allows gentle extraction of professional quality. Its heat-resistant glass will prevent you from burns. Its precise pour spout and ergonomic handle give you a smooth and effortless pouring experience. In addition, you can reheat your filter coffee with ease since the Hario v60 coffee maker is microwave compatible.
Cafetière Hario 1/3 tasses : slow coffee

Which coffee to choose for a V60?

For V60 coffee preparation, it is recommended to use light to medium roast coffees. These roasts allow the delicate aromas and subtle nuances of the coffee to be highlighted when brewed in the V60. Light roast coffees often offer floral, fruity and tangy notes, which is why we particularly recommend Araku Première Récolte organic specialty coffee. Its freshness and vegetal notes are perfectly highlighted by this gentle preparation method.

Préparation café méthode douce : cafetière v60 Hario

Make a success of your specialty coffee with a V60

To prepare coffee using the gentle method, the Hario V60 coffee maker is ideal. The first step is to determine the dose of coffee and water to use according to your preferences. We recommend starting with a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:10. So, for every gram of coffee, add 10ml of water. To help you with your measurements, do not hesitate to equip yourself with a digital scale. For this Hario V60 coffee maker which can hold 360ml of water, you will need 36g of freshly ground coffee.

Place the paper filter on the dripper of the Hario V60 coffee maker and pour hot water to pre-moisten it.
Place the coffee in the filter.
Heat 360ml of water until simmering (92-94°C) without boiling.
Pour the water in a controlled manner in three installments, respecting a duration of 3 min 30 to 4 min.
The first pour is the "bloom", allowing the coffee to moisten for 15 to 20 seconds.
The next two pours are made in a spiral, avoiding pouring directly onto the edges of the filter.
Once all the coffee has run out, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.


The Hario V60 coffee maker is distinguished by its distinctive grooves present inside the V60 dripper. These grooves are designed to facilitate a smooth flow of water through the ground coffee, thus promoting uniform and optimal aroma extraction. The grooves of the V60 dripper are arranged in a spiral along the internal walls of the cone. They serve to channel water evenly, allowing close interaction between water and ground coffee during the brewing process. This design ensures homogeneous extraction, avoiding problems of over- or under-extraction which can alter the quality of the coffee.

To prepare coffee using the gentle method with your Hario V60 coffee maker, you will need the following elements:

A Hario V60 filter holder

Paper filters for Hario V60 (or possibly a reusable metal or fabric filter)

Medium fine ground coffee

Water (avoid reverse osmosis purified water)

A kettle (preferably an adjustable temperature kettle with a pour spout)

A timer

A kitchen scale

A Hario V60 coffee maker.

To maintain your V60 coffee maker, here are some tips:

Rinse it with hot water after each use.

Occasionally use a little mild soap for a more thorough cleaning of your Hario V60 coffee maker.

To avoid damaging your V60 coffee maker, avoid aggressive detergents.

Treat stubborn stains with a solution of warm water and baking soda or white vinegar.

Be sure to dry the carafe thoroughly after cleaning.

Store your Hario V60 coffee maker in a clean, dry place.

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