Organic: more than a consumption trend

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If new consumption patterns are flourishing, such as veganism or veganism, they all stem from the same concern: eating healthier. This is also why organic farming is constantly developing in France as in the world. Focus on a practice that has become much more than just fashion.


Before anything else, a summary definition of organic farming should be provided: it is a production method that excludes the majority of synthetic chemicals. And behind this form of production hides a phenomenon that appeared in the 1960s: that of eating organic. But what was once a fashion has become a philosophy of life, a desire to eat healthier, while respecting both the environment and the producers.

And to believe the figures published by the Agence BIO / CSA barometer, the French have adopted organic since they were 89% to have consumed it at least once in 2016 and 15% to consume it every day. If organic coffee is not yet the main concern of the followers of organic products, it should undoubtedly progress in the years to come. Today, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and eggs are more popular with organic consumers.



In just ten years, organic products have become essential in French kitchens. To better understand the phenomenon, it is enough to look at the main figures of the organic market in France (according to Agence BIO).

- 7 billion: this is the turnover in euros of the organic sector in France in 2016. In just 9 years, the market has grown by 278%;

- Over 47,000: this is the number of players in the organic sector. This represents approximately 32,000 organic farmers and 15,000 employees working in the distribution and processing of products;

- 1.54 million hectares: this is the area devoted to organic farming in France in 2016. In total, this represents 5.7% of the French agricultural area, an increase of 16% in just one year .

To realize the transformation of French agriculture, it suffices to recall that organic farming only occupied a little over 500,000 hectares in 2002. As a lover of organic products, why not go for organic coffee? If the experience tempts you, trust Araku Coffee for an unforgettable first tasting.