Kinto : thermos à café isotherme kaki
Kinto kaki : thermos à café en inox
Insulated coffee thermos

KintoKINTO Thermos Coffee Khaki 350ml

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The Kinto khaki insulated coffee thermos is the essential ally for people on the move.

With its double wall in stainless steel and its internal aluminum coating, the KINTO khaki insulated coffee thermos maintains the temperature of your favorite coffee, hot or cold, for 6 hours, thus preserving all its aromas. With a capacity of 35 cl, it offers you the possibility of enjoying your favorite drink while on the go. In addition, its ingenious system of double unscrewable caps allows you to enjoy a refreshing drink without ice cubes disturbing your tasting moment.

Kinto: versatile and ingenious coffee thermos

This Kinto Kaki insulated coffee thermos keeps your drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours. Thanks to its double unscrewable cap you can add ice cubes to your drink or simply clean your thermos more easily.

Thermos à café isotherme kaki noir : Kinto


Its double cap is simple, without superfluous details, and allows you to drink easily from any angle, like from a cup, without being bothered by ice cubes.

Wash and dry by hand directly after use. Do not use your insulated coffee thermos in the microwave, dishwasher or oven.

Yes, the Kinto brand offers a fairly wide range of colors. At Araku we have chosen to reference steel, khaki and black. And to exclusively develop a white version: our ARAKU x KINTO insulated coffee thermos.