Discover our journey

Since its foundation in 2001, Araku combines coffee lovers, experts and farmers and together they made that journey possible.

As the result of the work of passionate men and women from farmer to consumer, Araku is the first 100% organic coffee blend coming from India whose journey from the coffee plant to your cup bypasses the middle men.

Araku coffee is a pure Arabica coffee bringing together sweetness, balance and fullness of flavour. It is roasted under the supervision of our coffee expert Hippolyte Courty. Hippolyte supervises all the process from growing to preparation of the coffee. 

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Unique terroir and agriculture

Coming from a unique terroir in a valley of the eastern ghats tableland, in India, Araku coffee is grown with bio-dynamic methods, in small plots and is cultivated and picked by hand. This enables our coffee to express its full body and amazing aroma.

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A human chain And a unique social model

From the beginning, in 2001, farmers, coffee and bio-dynamic experts have worked together to create this unique distribution model in the coffee world: a human chain from farmer to consumer, with no middle men, a new share capitalism whose value creation is human before all.

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A unique experience

Today Araku offers a new coffee experience that goes beyond fair trade principles by creating a direct link between farmers, experts and customers. This pioneering spirit of transparency and sharing is evident across the entire brand. All of this entices customers to discover Araku's coffees, its valley, its farmers and all of its teams and partners.

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