4 raisons d'opter pour du café de spécialité moulu

Organic Coffee: Why choose ground coffee?

Convenient and accessible, ground coffee is the best-selling form of coffee today, and that's no coincidence.

Quality coffee without wasting time

When they wake up, some have time to quietly enjoy their organic coffee. For those in a hurry, ground coffee offers significant time savings. Simply open the package of ground coffee and use it immediately, without having to grind the beans. Enough to avoid sacrificing a few precious minutes of sleep.

No mill, no problem 

By choosing ground coffee, consumers avoid purchasing additional equipment. No need to invest in a manual or electric coffee grinder. A simple filter coffee maker is more than enough to enjoy your ground coffee. In addition, good ground coffee is compatible with many coffee makers . The consumer just needs to find the right grind size for their device, nothing more.

An economical choice 

Between ground coffee and organic coffee beans, there is generally no difference in price for the same coffee . You do not pay for the grind made by the manufacturer. And if we now compare the purchase price of ground coffee to that of capsules or pods, the price per kilo has nothing to do with it. In addition, with ground coffee, the consumer is free to choose their dosage without wasting material. Thus, the consumer spends less and wastes less.

Ground coffee does not lose its taste

It is a fact. Bringing the moment when you grind the coffee beans closer to tasting is a guarantee of picking up as much as possible of all the aromas released by the bean. However, this does not mean that a pre-ground organic coffee loses all its taste interest.

Ground coffee is sold in bags impervious to ambient air and nitrogenated before being sealed since it is exposure to oxygen that causes it to lose its aromas. Compliance with storage conditions is also important: you must respect the expiration dates and keep your ground coffee away from humidity and excessive light.

Last advice, an opened packet is by definition in contact with air, consume it without delay!

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