choisir un café en grain ou moulu ?

Coffee beans or ground coffee?

Avec du café moulu, la routine matinale est simple. Vous avez juste à ouvrir le paquet, et verser la dose adéquate de café dans votre machine. Aussi simple que ça. A l’inverse acheter des cafés en grain requiert d’avoir un moulin chez soi et de moudre soi-même son café tous les matins. Les moulins à café peuvent être bruyants et encombrants. Il peut être difficile de comprendre pourquoi certains choisissent d'acheter du café en grains. Nous examinerons ici les avantages et les inconvénients de chaque option. Peut-être qu'après cela, vous aussi aurez envie d'essayer le café en grains.


Coffee beans or ground coffee? A question that many coffee lovers ask themselves. To choose the right coffee, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Overview.


Ground coffee is the most popular in France. As proof, nearly 70% of French people owned a filter coffee maker in 2014. A fact which can be explained by the numerous advantages offered by this type of coffee. In addition to being relatively economical, ground coffee has an undeniable advantage: it is very simple to prepare. Indeed, the method generally consists of placing it in a filter and letting the coffee maker operate. However, ground coffee is often considered a lower quality coffee, with “real” coffee lovers turning more towards coffee beans. Although considered standard and classic, ground coffee comes in a multitude of flavors, grinds and intensities. But to take full advantage of it, it is often necessary to abandon your traditional filter coffee maker. For the ground coffee to have more character, it is indeed preferable to equip yourself with an adjustable grinder and a French press. Therefore, it takes more time to enjoy a quality drink. Reason why, for equivalent effort, amateurs turn instead to coffee beans.


Despite the development of pod machines appreciated for their great speed, another trend is developing: the return to the coffee of yesteryear. Coffee beans, the kind our grandparents prepared, are making a comeback. Although it requires more preparation time and its price is higher, coffee beans have undeniable advantages. The first of these concerns its taste. Generally made from high quality grains, it offers a particular flavor and rich in aromas. Just roasted, the coffee beans also seduce with their great freshness. Also note that it offers a certain pleasure during its preparation. In fact, you will need to use a grinder to grind the beans and use a coffee machine with a bean grinder to extract all the aromas. Of course, the procedure takes time and can be daunting. However, it can become a real ritual. So, are you more of a ground coffee or coffee bean type? To satisfy all your coffee desires, Araku offers you a wide choice of carefully selected coffee beans and ground coffees.

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